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Sports Placement Service has developed dynamic marketing programs and strategies and initiated successful business plans for their clients for over 30 years. SPS’s advanced and proactive approach to deal making has preserved and continually built upon the legendary brand name recognition of our clients. The brands of our clients are viable and profitable entities today thanks in part to SPS’s innovative approach to business, marketing and promotion.

Developing marketing strategies in some cases 5 years in advance, SPS has strategically pursued deals that made sense both business and image wise for our clients and that would create value for them in the market place. This valued added strategy is a cornerstone of SPS business philosophy. By creating more perceived value through various licensing, collectable, and endorsement programs, we have continued to build on each of our clients legendary status. We tailor fit their personalities, likes, and dislikes and help to create and maximize their marketing dollars in perpetuity, while continuing to preserve their integrity, likeness, and character.

We are extremely loyal to our clients, and choose to do business with those names, which we feel transcend their respective sport because of their personality, character, and charisma.

From looking over our impressive client roster, it goes without saying that we are proud to represent such a distinguished and prominent group of the worlds most famous and iconic legends of the game.

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