Frank Worth


World renown London Auction house Christies proclaims the undiscovered Frank Worth collection as the most extraordinary of its kind for the past fifty years.”

Frank Worth is one of the most renowned sports photographers in the world. He intertwined his photographic works and his passion for sports, and captured images of some of the most legendary athletes of his time. He obtained shots unlike any other photographer, because of his exclusive access to teams, coaches, and players. From the late 1940’s to mid 1950’s, Frank was the Los Angeles “Hollywood Stars” (PCL) Baseball Teams official photographer. He then became the official photographer for the famous Friars club in Los Angeles where he was known as the “ambassador of sports” and was involved in organizing the friars to “roast” many of sports biggest players. But it was when Frank’s beloved Brooklyn Dodgers moved to LA in 1959, that his personal and profession passion would culminate in an ideal career move. Frank Sinatra, whom Frank had photographed may times before, introduced him to Walter O’Malley, owner of the Dodgers. And as if destined to be, Frank Worth then became the Dodgers first team photographer in Los Angeles, capturing many of the keystone images of Dodger history. Frank

Over the years Frank became a major contributor to The Sporting News and had close to 30 covers a year for the publication through the 1980s. Frank also worked for the California Angels in the 1970’s. Outside of being renown for capturing sport’s elite, Frank was also famed for his glamorous shots of Hollywood celebrities. Using his charm and wit, Frank immediately developed a rapport with the celebrities he was photographing and as a result, the INS sent him to Hollywood as a staff photographer after he graduated in 1940.

Frank became a member of the Hollywood Photographers Guild and soon found himself as a staff photographer for a number of Movie magazines. In Hollywood, Frank began building his reputation as photographer to the movie stars and developed ties with many legendary Hollywood figures as James Dean, The Marx Brother, Errol Flynn, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and other such luminaries. He etched out a living as a freelance photographer in Hollywood during the nostalgic 1940s and ’50s. At this time most photographers were tightly controlled by a powerful studio system, however, as friend and fan to the stars Frank Worth escaped these restrictions and captured images that these studios would never normally have allowed.

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