Paul Daniels

alimeeting8Paul Daniels is a Los Angeles based artist, born in East Los Angeles, and raised in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. Drawing inspiration from music, sports, global culture, and street aesthetics, his latest series focuses on iconic personalities from athletes, public figures, to musicians. His portraits offer a look into a carefully selected collection of imagery that has been crafted and filtered in the production process with a blend of Paul’s uniquely stylized personal taste and vision.

“Throughout my lifetime I’ve had many interests which I unknowingly turned into a massive well-rounded collection of items that reflected my personal style, and each one I was very passionate about.  In grade school it was mainly sports cards, comic books, cassette tapes, and progressed in later years to sneakers and vinyl records. I later discovered that expressing my personal taste through any given collection is an art in itself. It was not only about amassing a great quantity of pieces in a series of a collection, but also, how each item would fit into the collection as a whole.

I came to the realization one day that through all the time, research, and work it took me to build these various collections throughout my lifetime, there was something missing. I reached a point where it had lost it’s luster, and it became unfulfilling, leaving a vapid hole that I didn’t know existed for quite some time. I collected everything I set out to collect. It was an exhausting process with no real end in sight, and no real personal legacy would remain unless I made a change. I asked myself “Where do I go from here?” I knew it was time to look inward and draw out my talents to build a collection that I had complete control over and actively engaged my mind and creative thought process.

By embarking on a voyage of self-exploration, subconsciously, I started to retrace my steps back to what I inherently possess…my ability to express myself through art.  One of the first interests I had from my earliest memories as a child was drawing my favorite athletes and musicians. I challenged myself at the time to get their likeness down as best I could. Fast forward to many years later, I picked up where I left off, but this time through painting.  The common thread all of my interests shared were the people behind them and what they represent. Who were these people we as a society revere so much? I wanted to symbiotically fuse my research as a collector and the imagery from my past with my newly discovered artistic outlook and let the results shown in the finished product(s) go where they may.  My plan over time is to express and reflect the various interests and influences throughout different phases in my life in the form of portraiture and other artistic forms. The works I put forth are a direct result of how these subjects have impacted my growth as a person, and evoked visions and emotions that ultimately shaped me as an artist.”


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