Autograph collectors and fans of Muhammad Ali should think twice before spending money to purchase what they believe to be a genuine signature from the Greatest. My company Sports Placement Service Inc. handled the signings and licensing of the Ali name for nearly twenty years. Together with my partner Jerald Gibbs we witnessed Muhammad sign his name over 25,000 times. We have numerous examples of various styles and changes over the years. If anyone has the right to make the following statements it is us. In our opinion there are thousands of fake Ali signatures that are being marketed and sold through various means including online auctions, charity auctions and flea markets. Collectors should be extra careful of items signed Cassius Clay or Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay.

It has been almost five years since we did our last direct deal with Steiner Sports Marketing and Muhammad Ali. Unfortunately we believe someone has been able to alter Steiner Certificates and are selling fake autographs. This is hurting Steiner, Ali, collectors and fans who are buying crap. The majority of the items signed by Ali over the past nine years have been witnessed by a representative of SPS and come with a certificate from

There are many people who do sell real autographs and this is not to slam or harm those who do. With the down economy items have hit the market in greater numbers; collectors are selling items from their personal collections. If you are being offered Ali or Clay product in quantity at a selling price of $600-$1000 chances are it is not real. Buyers should do their research and know who they are buying from and if there is a full 100 percent money back guarantee when it comes to the authenticity of the signature.

I took the time to write this because the fake Ali autographs have hurt my business, the value of my own collection and frustrated me to no end.