NFL Hall of Famer John Riggins joins Sportsman Channel at DC Community Center/Soup Kitchen

riggins-sportsmanWashington, DC – Growing up in the nation’s capitol, I spent most of my Sunday’s watching John Riggins plow through NFC East opponents on the hallowed fields of RFK Stadium. It’s been almost thirty years since the man known as The Diesel last carried the ball for the ‘skins. This Sunday he was back in action. A few things had changed.

Instead of running behind a hulking Washington Redskins offensive line, he was anchoring a serving line for Sportsman Channel. And instead of waiting for a football, he was waiting for a tray of food. See Riggins spent Sunday volunteering at the local soup kitchen/community center So Others May Eat (SOME). Lending celebrity and time, as well as a generous selection of wild game, to a worthy cause.

Part of Sportsman Channel’s Hunt.Fish.Feed program, Riggins was in northwest DC with a collection of Sportsman employees that included Wild Game Chef Scott Leysath and Sportsman CEO Gavin Harvey. Everyone there to lend a helping hand.

“Hunt.Fish.Feed is a national tour that Sportman has been conducting for years,” said Harvey. “We go throughout the country and connect sportsman and wild game with people in need. What’s more elemental than that?”

Harvey and crew are in DC for the 2013 Cable Show, an international cable industry expo put on by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association. Running from Monday the 10th through Wednesday the 12th, The Cable Show brings together the shows, the personalities and the technology that makes today’s television business possible. A perfect spot for Harvey and crew to put their special skills to use.

“We want to make sure that everybody in our business, in the media business, understands the importance that Sportsman Channel and our audience plays every day.”

Located at 71 ‘O’ Street in northwest DC, SOME opened their doors in 1970 as a soup kitchen. Since then, they’ve morphed into so much more. Now offering services to the community’s elderly, medical assistance and job training, they don’t stray far from their initial intent. Which is why involving a group like Sportsman Channel is so significant.

“We offer a few meals a day,” explained one volunteer. “There is a good crowd when word gets round about our meals, especially … (wild game).”

The menu, put together by “Dead Meat” and”Hunt.Fish.Cook.” host/Executive Chef Scott Leysath, centered around venison donated by local hunters thanks to the Mule Deer Foundation. It was one of two stops to local community centers the Sportsman Channel crew had scheduled for the day. And a chance for Riggins to give to the fans in a way that is close to his heart.

“As an avid sportsman and chef, I’ve always placed a high priority on harvesting game,” said Riggins. “Sportsman Channel’s Hunt.Fish.Feed. is an extraordinary program that helps deliver nutritious and hearty meals to thousands at a time when food and money donations are down at shelters and facilities all across this nation. I’m proud to be part of this network and its unique program, and I look forward to helping serve those in need this Sunday in my hometown.”

Follow John Riggins this season on Sportsman Channel’s Riggo on the Range — see the man from Kansas hunting and fishing with the likes of Coach Joe Gibbs, Coach Bobby Knight and Cowboy quarterback Danny White.