Founder and 2009 ESPY Awardee Jason P. Lester to Lead Field on Hawaiian Journey Through Five Full Triathlons Over Five Consecutive Days

Los Angeles, California (07 February 2011)–Endurance Race Group, Inc. is pleased to announce their newly formed partnership with Terra Firma Media Group, Inc. as plans and preparations continue for the Inaugural EPIC5 ultraendurance event in Hawaii beginning from Kaua’i on May 5 and culminating in Kona on Monday, May 9, 2011. Event founder and Endurance Race Group President, Jason P. Lester has decided to expand the EPIC5 management team, who will coordinate this unique challenge in which five world-class athletes will complete five full triathlons (2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of cycling, and 26.2 miles of running each) over the span of five consecutive days (

“Clearly the management and promotion of this inaugural EPIC5 requires the same passion and shared vision that we have at Endurance Race Group,”
explained Lester, a 2009 ESPY Award winner. “After meeting with John [Duesler] and Kirk [Montgomery] and the rest of the Terra Firma team, we are confident that they can help grow EPIC5 with the professionalism and image it deserves.”

Terra Firma Media Group specializes in unlocking the great potential that niche sports and events can bring, not only to the respective sporting communities they represent, but to their corporate partners, as well. Their work in disc golf, paddle sports, mountain biking, and other emerging sports has gained attention in both traditional print and broadcast media outlets, as well as in newer, interactive media forms like live Internet broadcasting (

“Niche fans are a highly qualified and focused demographic,” shared Dr. John G. Duesler, Jr., Principal at Terra Firma Media Group. “And while these events and sports may not have the mass appeal of the NBA and NFL, we do find that closing the circle between our fans and our corporate partners in the emerging sports space is more rapidly expedited. Then, once those relationships have begun, our niche fans remain extremely loyal to the brands that support them.”

The Endurance Race Group and Terra Firma Media Group are making preparations to create a diverse menu of content for the May 2011 EPIC5 event. Production of a one hour documentary special will be the cornerstone of their work, and Terra Firma is currently negotiating broadcast distribution rights for that show. Multiple ENG-style features will also be available to introduce the athletes, the triathlon courses, and the Hawaiian backdrop before, during, and after the fiveday journey. Fans and curiosity-seekers alike will also be able to interact directly with the event via a robust Internet-based media portal that combines social media, GPS tracking of the EPIC5 participants and high-quality live and post-produced video streaming. MetaBender (, a human and asset logistics technology provider, is partnering with Endurance Race and Terra Firma to manage these online elements.

Terms of the partnership between Endurance Race and Terra Firma have not been disclosed, but the multi-year agreement includes a revenue sharing model that is derived from the licensing rights of EPIC5, corporate underwriting, as well as from the media rights to distribute the event.

The EPIC5 is an ultra-endurance event designed as a physical and spiritual journey for all its participants. Spanning over 700 miles of swimming, cycling, and running in just five days, EPIC5 is a testament to how proper preparation and a positive attitude can help anyone endure hardships in life. This strong shaping message, as well as proceeds, from EPIC5 are shared by event founder, Jason P. Lester, through his Never Stop Foundation, whose primary focus is encouraging youth to achieve their full potential through athletics. The goal of The Never Stop Foundation is to help those in their formative years find their own true voice, help them build their confidence, improve their communication skills and learn the values of discipline, trust, compassion, self-reliance, and respect.

For more information on the event, visit Corporate or media partnership queries should be directed to Kirk Montgomery from Terra Firma Media Group, Inc. at 808-640-0608 or