Today the world lost a great person with the passing of Sparky Anderson.

To me Sparky was a friend, mentor and all around great guy. To the sports world he was one of the greatest mangers ever and a well deserved hall of famer.. My life is 100 percent better because of the trust and belief that Sparky and his wife Carol had in me when I was a young teenager of just 17. In the summer of 1985 I spent a few weeks at the home of Sparky and Carol helping them prepare for a big fundraiser for the Ford Children Hospital in Detroit. Sparky wanted to help everybody, didn’t matter what race, religion, age, if you needed help he needed to be there. His word was golden and his loyalty second to none. I was honored to help Sparky and it was he who opened the door to my career as an agent and advisor to iconic retired athletes. One night we were driving home together from an event in Westlake, California and Sparky leans to me and says, “Harlan my boy, you are going to be an agent”. I replied, “I don’t know anyone and I am not sure I can do this”. To which Sparky responded, “your my boy and I will open the doors, you just help them and do right by them, they need you”… and so my career as the agent started.

Sparky blessed me in so many ways. From a baseball card boy from the San Fernando Valley to working for the likes of Muahmmad Ali, Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Roy Campanella, Jim Brown and so many others. I could not have done it without Sparky.

My heart is heavy, we lost a great one. There will never be another one like Sparky-